This website facility is for the use of authorized users only. Users of this website are subject to having all of their activities monitored and recorded. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring.

As an employee you have an important role in preventing online fraud. Please be careful not to divulge / disclose your User Id, Passwords, or both at anyother site other than those of Allsectech knowingly or accidentally. Allsec has no tie-up or arrangement with any institution - banking or otherwise - for accepting user ids or passwords on our behalf - in the name of loan processing or such operations.

Password Management
• Sharing passwords is a security risk.

• Do not divulge your password to any one.

• Enter your user-id and password only in the space provided for- that you are normally used    to.

• Do not provide user-id and passwords on any page that appears as a popup when you click   on a hyperlink received through email. Better practice would be to log on to the service by   typing in the URL in the address bar after making sure the page opening up is from the   genuine service provider.

• Do not store passwords in a file on any computer system (including Palm Pilots or similar   devices) without encryption.

• Change passwords at least once every 60 (sixty) days.

• Unique Characters: An acceptable password must have at least five (8) different    characters. Repeated characters can make for palindromes and make it easier to crack.

• Character Types: An acceptable password must have characters from at least three (3)   different character types -- upper case, lower case, digits, punctuation, etc. A password that   includes a sample from a rich character set is difficult to crack.

• Forbidden Characters: There are a few characters that will cause problems if used in a    password - the "delete" character is one of the obvious ones.

• Writing down your password: One should never write down a password. Someone may discover the password. Make the password difficult for others to guess or crack but easy    for you to memorise and remember.

• One possible method for picking a good password is to make up your own acronym.

• Do not let your computer remember your password . Do not accept autocomplete option provided by your computer/ browser.
Security Tips
Operating System (OS) of the computer system should be upgraded promptly. Newer version of the operating system would help you make your system more secure.

Installation of Antivirus softwares on your computer system will reduce the risk of virus attacks. Continuous updation of these antivirus softwares will offer more resistance to newer viruses.

Latest version of browsers should be used to connect to the Internet as they afford higher level of security.
Be sure the Web page you are viewing offers encryption of your data. Often you will see a lock symbol in the lower right-hand corner of your browser window and/or the Web address of the page you are viewing will begin with "https://..." The 's' indicates 'secured' and means the Web page uses encryption.

When not in use, disconnect your computer system from the Internet to avoid unwanted access to the information on your system. Even if you have a firewall installed, this is a step you can take to help protect yourself.

Install a screen saver with password protection.